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At Albert M. Quirantes and Associates we aggressively and zealously defend those accused of DUI in most Florida counties.  We are trial lawyers that offer a high caliber legal defense at a reasonable fee.  Our goal is to successfully defend your DUI charges, protect your driver's license, and keep insurance rates down.


If you have been issued a speeding ticket, whether by RADAR, VASCAR, LASER, LACE CLOCK or AIRPLANE, attorney Albert M. Quarantes and the Ticket Law Center, P.A. can help you.  Florida has strict rules governing the use of these devices and the admisibility of evidence gathered by them.  Simply paying a ticket can have far reaching consequences from points on your license to insurance premium increases.  

1859handcuffsReckless Driving

Reckless driving in Florida is not just a simple traffic violation but rather a Criminal Trafic Offense that carries penalties of fines and posible jail time.  Don't risk ending up in jail for a Reckless driving charge and contact attorney Albert M. Quirantes to review your case and help fight for your rights.  We will evaluate your specific case and formulate a defense specific to the particular facts of your case.

traffic2Traffic Violations

If you have been issued a traffic citation, Florida attorney Albert M. Quarantes and the Ticket Law Center, P.A. can help you.  Our team will explain what options are available to you and try to get your case dismissed, reduce the offense level and avoid points on your license.  Our goal is to avoid conviction and save you money on future insurance rates.

3D Judges GavelFormal Review Hearings

Misdemeanor offfenses are criminal offenses generally punishible by up to one year in jail per charge followed by probation, community service, counseling, restitution and monetary fines.  Although not as serious as a felony offense, they can leave a serious mark on your record which can impair your earning capacity for a lifetime as well as cause collateral consequenses such as license suspension. 

suspendedlicense2Suspended License

Accumulating too many points or convictions from traffic tickets can result in license suspension or even a felony arrest.  An aggressive traffic criminal defense attorney like Albert M. quirantes can inform you of your options regarding the available defenses in court, fight for your rights and possibly regain your driving privilege.

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Fight your DUI, Speeding Ticket, Reckless Driving Citation, Suspended License, DWLS, Criminal Misdemeanor, Felonies, Petit Theft, Grand Theft, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence, Juvenile charges, Federal & State with attorney Albert M. Quirantes, Esq. With over 25 years of experience, call us at: 305-644-1800.

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At Albert M. Quirantes and Associates, we aggressively and zealously defend those accoused of Traffic Infractions, DUI, Felonies and Misdemeanor crimes.  We are trial lawyers that offer a high caliber legal defense at a reasonable fee.

Over 8,000 clients for more than 20 years have called on Albert M. Quirantes & Associates in their time of need.  Our lawyers and paralegals combined with our modern, fully computerized facility will work with you, for you and your rights.  Based in Miami, we handle cases in most Florida counties and circuit courts.

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