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We Have Obtained Many Awards Throughout Our Almost Three Decades Of Serving The People Of Florida.

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Miami DUI Attorney

Miami and South Florida DUI Defense Attorney Albert Quirantes is on your side if you have been arrested for DUI anywhere in the State Of Florida.

If you are in danger of losing your licence, you must aggressively fight the drunk driving case against you, you are especially advised to call Attorney Albert Quirantes today.

We have the resources to represent you anywhere in South Florida and throughout the entire state. Mr. Quirantes has a long history of fighting for his clients reputations, striving to keep them out of jail and driving. 

We know how to protect your rights, your privacy and your image. And we know how to defend your freedom in even the most serious criminal cases including felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. Whether this is the first time you received a DUI, or if you have had multiple DUI’s in the past, we bring the same level of commitment to the defense of our clients’ rights.

If you want to consider all of your options for DUI defense, call our South Florida DUI defense law firm now for a candid and confidential consultation. We have decades of experience successfully handling any and all DUI charge cases in Florida.

Need to keep your driver’s license?

Want a way to try to avoid massive fines and significant jail time from a Florida DUI conviction?

Attorney Albert Quirantes and his team have the ability and the experience to get results in the highest-stakes criminal defense cases. For the last several decades, we have represented high-profile individuals, truck drivers, taxicab drivers, as well as the little guy in many DUI defense and other criminal defense matters throughout South Florida. We strive to build upon our reputation on success. 

When charged with a DUI, do not appear in court without an attorney.
Don’t place yourself at the mercy of the court or of the legal system. 
Defend yourself by retaining an experienced DUI lawyer who will fight for your rights.

We will present you with an honest assessment of your circumstances to help you determine your best course of action. We will explain the arraignment and hearing process, represent you at the driver’s license suspension hearing, and help you at every other step of the process. There is always a legal defense to help you avoid a conviction. Contact Miami DUI Defense Attorney Albert Quirantes Today!

My Promise to You:

  • I will FIGHT your DMV Hearing
  • I will FIGHT your DUI Criminal Case
  • I will include full Discovery, Depositions, Motions to Exclude Evidence, Motions to Dismiss, Diversion Options and a FULL TRIAL in your FLAT LEGAL FEE
  • You Will get a Payment Plan Option
  • I will make it affordable for you
  • You will be the BOSS in how far we will go in your Defense,
  • You will get a FULL explanation in every step and I will go all out for you
  • You will NOT become a number to me, I will be YOUR LAWYER

A Miami DUI Defense Attorney Who Cares 

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We handle DUI cases all over the State Of Florida and would be happy to speak with you about your case.

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At Albert M. Quirantes and Associates, we aggressively and zealously defend those accused of Traffic Infractions, DUI, Felonies and Misdemeanor crimes. We are trial lawyers that offer a high caliber legal defense at a reasonable fee.

Over 8,000 clients for more than 27 years have called on Albert M. Quirantes & Associates in their time of need. Our lawyers and paralegals combined with our modern, fully computerized facility will work with you, for you and your rights. Based in Miami, we handle cases in most Florida counties and circuit courts.