Reckless Driving is a Criminal Traffic Offense in Florida. This document is meant to better inform those charged with Reckless Driving in Florida of their options regarding the protection of their driver’s license, limit insurance increases, points and the available defenses in court.

You can’t just pay a Reckless Driving ticket. It’s a criminal charge and it is handled by the State Attorney’s prosecutors. Reckless Driving carries a penalty of up to ninety days in jail and a fine of $500.00 plus Court Costs for the first offense. It also carries four points and a criminal misdemeanor record.

Reckless Driving is a crime of opinion. It is hard to prove if the Judge applies the proper standard. There must be a showing of criminal intent, and it’s one person’s word against another. Some police officers charge a driver with Reckless Driving when a driver was negligent. You simply need more than negligence to satisfy the intent requirement. That is where an aggressive Miami reckless driving lawyer can make a difference for you!

An example is a case where a driver has alcohol in his or her system combined with intentionally bad driving which endangers the life or property of another. Simply committing a few traffic infractions and combining them into a charge of Reckless Driving should not cut it in Court. Differentiating fees in court with good cross examination to beat your case is where Albert Quirantes and his team excel.

These cases can be defended. However, the best defense is to retain the best legal counsel one can afford. The best counsel means an experienced firm that files as many motions as a case warrants, goes to as many hearings as necessary and fights or tries the case if necessary. This takes time, since sometimes these cases are continued several times.

Aggressive and Zealous representation at an affordable rate is our goal at Ticket Law Center. We fight these cases in sixty (60) of sixty-seven (67) Florida Counties. We are definitely not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive firm I have found handling these matters. However, in this as in all areas of law, you get what you pay for.

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