Lose your license on the spot? Let’s Get It Back!

Under Florida’s “stop and snatch” DUI Administrative Suspension law, police officers have been empowered to:

  • Suspend your license for up to one year or 18 months on the spot.
  • Give you a DUI record whether you blow on the breathalyzer or refuse, if they believe you are over the legal limit. That record stays with you even if you are found “not guilty” in Criminal Court…UNLESS you are smart, and act within ten days…
  • You have limited “due process” since driving is considered a “privilege” and not a “right”.

Here is why you must hire a lawyer within ten days…

Yes, I mean within ten (10) days of your arrest, or you will lose your chance to contest the suspension and you will have a DUI record to follow you and scar you for life!

  1. A DUI record means higher insurance rates for years to come
  2. Loss of job opportunities
  3. Embarrassment & Social Stigma
  4. Denial of Car Rental Privileges

The chances of winning your license back without a lawyer at the administrative hearings are microscopic! At these administrative hearings, the officer does not even have to show up, a mere written narrative will suffice.

Proof is by a “preponderance” of the evidence, which means, the paperwork submitted only has to show that “more likely than not” you were above the limit or refused. There are ways of winning these hearings.

At The Law Offices Of Albert Quirantes, Esq. Criminal, DUI & Ticket Lawyers, we consistently win licenses back…We have won back the licenses of over 90% of our clients who have hired us within ten days of their arrests!

Despite overwhelming odds against you, we will fight for your record, for your livelihood and your license!

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